Winter Quarter - January 2018

Week 4: Cold As Ice   January 9-12

Community Building: Potluck items can be set up at the end of the hallway on the long table; see your class email for more information. Parents will play a “welcome back” game this week. All classes will review safety procedures at circle.

Art:  Use cocoa cans and “snowballs” to roll out some cocoa paintings.  Sprinkle on hot chocolate - yum!

Sensory: Brrrr…shovel ice cubes!  Play with wobbly toys in the cold, or our dog sled team in our snowy, white sand.

Imaginative Play: Create a winter wonderland with snowflakes on sticky contact paper. Play in the igloo and ride sleds again this week. Pretend to eat some cold ice cream. Scoop up some cotton snow and toss snowballs into Frosty’s hat. Add some marshmallows to hot chocolate on our felt board.

In-Class Parenting Education:  Hooray, new color groups begin this week! BLUE groups will discuss Self-Care – something we could all use more of after a busy holiday season!


Evening Parenting Ed: Preschool Info. Night, Wednesday, January 10, 7-8:30pm, LWTech, East Mall. Open house format.


Week 5: Snuggle Up for Pajama Day  January 16-19

Wear pajamas to class today!  Bring your cameras!

Art:  Younger classes will decorate light switch covers!

Literacy:  Older classes will make our traditional “Good Night Books.”

Sensory:  It is bath time for baby - fun! May also feel and guess bedtime items in our mystery bag.  No peaking!

Imaginative: Snuggle up in a pile of blankets and a good book in our reading corner. Play getting ready for bed with our hoodie towels. Help 5 Little Teddy Bears jump on our doll bed, sing the song and act it out!

New: Shake honey-bear sensory bottles & pop some toast into our toaster… eat milk & cookies for a bedtime snack!

Large Motor:  Crawl through tunnels and pop-up cubes in the hallway; use a flashlight to light your way. Can you complete the obstacle course?

In-Class Parenting Education:  GREEN groups will finish the discussion on Self-Care.


Parent Board Meeting:  Tuesday, January 16, 7:00pm at WTG.


Week 6: TODDLER TREASURES    January 23 – 26

Wobblers – bring a toilet paper tube. All other classes - bring an egg carton.

Art: Wobblers make their own “sky-glasses!” 1’s and 2’s classes - Make your very own decorated treasure box out of an egg carton!  Find some treasures at home to put inside on the play-yard!  2’s classes - Create an “I Spy” treasure bottle with assorted treasures and bird seed

Sensory: Dress up in our pirate hats and bandanas. Dissolve our icy treasure cube and see what is inside…

Large Motor:  Crawl through our chair tunnel and drop treasures down our tubes in the hallway. Follow the treasure map….X marks the spot!

Imaginative: Search for gold nuggets in our sand table and sort gold coins. Use spy glasses to spot the pirates!

Outdoor Play:  We will have a treasure hunt today! Look for stars outdoors and find treasures to take home!

In-Class Parenting Education: Wobblers, BLUE groups will discuss playtime and toys. For 1-2’s, BLUE groups take on potty training! 2-3’s will not use color groups this week -  those who have chosen to discuss potty training will do so this week.


Evening Parenting Education: “Professional Parent Panel,” 6:30 – 8pm @ WTG


Week 7: FAMILY PETS     January 30 – February 2

Art: Older classes create “Dalmatian Art” using black and white materials. Wobblers will create paper turtles while older toddlers make their very own fish “aquarium!”

Sensory: Count or match the colorful fish at the felt board. Find the large pet animals in the sensory table.

Large Motor:  Grab the leash and go for a walk!

Fine Motor: Stack the dog food cans, give the dog a treat using tongs!

Imaginative: Wobblers build a “nest” for the birds!

In-Class Parenting Education:  Wobblers, GREEN groups will discuss playtime and toys. For 1-2’s, GREEN groups will finish potty training! 2-3’s will not use color groups this week - those who have chosen to discuss Preschool Readiness will do so this week.


Dates to Remember

Wednesday, January 10th, 7-8:30pm - Preschool Info. Night, LWTech, East Mall. Open house format.

Tuesday, January 16th, 7-9pm - Parent Board Meeting at WTG

Wednesday, January 24th, 6:30-8pm - Professional Parent Panel at WTG


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