Spring Quarter - May 2018

Week 7: FROGS AND TURTLES   May 1-4

Art: W’s and 1’s decorate frog shapes with colorful sticky dots as well as dot markers. 1s and 2s classes create a “Home For Frog” to take home and play with and add to!

Cognitive:  2’s decorate their turtles with ink pads and geometric-shaped stamps.  Try playing the frog memory / matching game together!

Sensory: Is that blue water, or blue sand in the sand table?  What kind of sand is in the sensory table – are those turtle eggs on a beach?

Imaginative Play: Play in the pond with the frogs, jumping from lily pad to lily pad!  Don’t forget to put on your rain coat!

Early Literacy: Retell the story of the five speckled frogs with beanie babies as well as our felt board.

Large Motor: Play with our push-turtles in the hallway.  Slide down the fish slide and into the pond.

In-Class Parenting Education: GREEN parent ed. groups will finish our discussions on Technology and Screen-time.  Wobblers will finish our discussion on Physical Development and Outdoor Activities.

Parenting Education Library now closed.  Please return all books to the cart for inventory.



Art: W’s and 1’s get to do some Ladybug and Bumblebee painting. 2’s will make their own “pet” ladybug. Paint with our bee and bug scrubbers at the easel.

Sensory: Feel some fun grassy squares with hidden bugs! Corn meal play with red and yellow items.

Imaginative Play: Fly some bumblebee and ladybug hand puppets.  Wear some ladybug and bumblebee skirts and wings….think spring!

Small Motor: 1’s will use their pincer grasp to peel tape, 2’s will practice cutting skills; all using red, yellow, and black!  Practice small motor skills by playing with our lacing toys.

Large Motor:  Toss red and black balls into the basketball hoop and ladybug beanbags on logs.  Ride our red rocker.

In-Class Parenting Education: BLUE groups in all classes discuss various aspects of Feeding and Nutrition with toddlers.


Evening Parent Ed:  Wednesday, May 9th, Membership Meeting and “Gentle Sleep” with Macall Gordon, 6:30-8:30pm @ WTG

Program Evaluations Please complete our new online survey this week.  Your thoughtful replies help to improve out program every year!


Week 9: A DAY AT THE FARMER’S MARKET     May 15 – 18

Art:  Painting with market vegetables with a variety of colors and textures.

Sensory: Explore fresh soil with real vegetables from the market – looks like a garden!

Imaginative Play:  Have fun at the Farmer’s Market with our board book, and “purchase” some produce or flowers using the cash register.  Use our farm sets of barns and animals. Sing “Old MacDonald” with our farm animal mitts. Slice up some wooden fruits and vegetables.

Large Motor:  Ride our tractors and push our wheelbarrow. Toss flower beanbags into the flower target and stack some noodle flowers.

In-Class Parenting Education:  GREEN groups in all classes finish our discussion on various aspects of Feeding and Nutrition with Toddlers.


Parent Board Meeting: Tuesday, May 15th, 7:00pm at WTG – All are welcome! After logging in, you can find the agenda on our website.


Week 10: MAKE A SPLASH!     May 22-25  

Last Week of Class….Celebrations! 

Take Your Last Day Photograph…. Bring a Camera….  Sign Yearbooks!  

Art:  Be creative with some “fishy” art.  Splat paint in the easel area. Create spinning water art.

Sensory: Yummy ice cream cones with colored rice and scoops! Play with sailboats, shaving cream and water in our small sensory table.  Use speedboats in our always fun waterway set.

Imaginative Play: Go fishing from our rocking boat.  What can you create from driftwood?  Snuggle up with beach towels and swim rings in our book nook.

Large Motor:  Play in our “pool of fish” and go down the fish slide.

Circle Celebration:  Saying good-bye to friends for the school year. Sing favorite songs!

Outdoor Play: Water spray play, bubbles, “paint” with water, chalkboards, and small outdoor parachute.  Have fun with friends!


Family Event:  All School Picnic at Cottage Lake Park on Saturday, June 2, 4:00-6:00pm.  Bring the whole family!  Food sign-up in class.


Final thoughts!

Please check to assure that all materials checked out from our Parenting Education Library are returned.

Please also check the Lost and Found box for any missing items.

All Evening Parenting Education Attendance for spring quarter should be complete.

Mark your calendars for the Celebrate Woodinville Parade on Saturday, August 18th.  Come march with us!


Please spread the word about Woodinville Toddler Group this summer!  All information for fall registration is posted on our website:  www.woodinvilletoddlergroup.com

Open House on Tuesday, May 29th, from 10:30-11:30am. 


THANK YOU for making Woodinville Toddler Group a great place to be for families!!

Your commitment to our program is sincerely appreciated!!!


Dates to Remember

Wednesday, May 9th, 6:30-8:30pm - Membership Meeting and “Gentle Sleep” with Macall Gordon at WTG

Tuesday, May 15th, 7-9pm - Parent Board Meeting at WTG

Saturday, June 2nd, 4-6pm - All School Picnic at Cottage Lake Park

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