Fall Quarter - September 2017


This week is an introduction to our program. All classes will get to know our toddler group routine and the families in class. Please remember to wash hands, initial attendance, and put on nametags upon arrival. The safety gate is “press button and lift gate” to open and is for adult use only. **We will go to outdoor play 15 minutes earlier for our first classes of the year.

Creating Memories: Bring your camera! We will have “First Day of WTG” photo opportunities!

Art: “If You’re Happy and You Know It” keepsake handprint activity for all age levels.

Sensory: Splash in water with floating balls and rings (dry shirts may be needed). Run green sand through sieves and stamp familiar shapes in our soft WTG playdough.

Emotional: Talk about the faces on our emotion eggs. How are they feeling? Match the color!
Imaginative Play: “Cook” something in our toddler kitchen. Put our dolls into the NEW highchair!

Large Motor: Enjoy playing with our bumpy balls and riding up and down the hall on our riding toys. Rock in the wood rocker or build at the tool bench! Look for balls everywhere, both indoors and out. Remember to jump into our pool of balls!

Fine Motor: Chase beads around the wire with your fingers.


WEEK 2: THE WHEELS ON THE BUS     September 19-22

We will continue to learn our daily schedule and focus on our clean-up and prep duties.

Art: Make some school bus tracks at the art table (remember to dress for mess each week!). LL class will create egg carton school buses.

Sensory: Explore golden cornmeal and dump trucks. Poke yellow pegs in yellow playdough. Can you attach the school buses to the sticky paper?

Imaginative: Check out our “Wheels on the Bus” dramatic play items and our pop-up school bus. Sing the song together using our props! Be a crossing guard with our vests and STOP sign.

Large Motor: Roll school buses down our slide. Crawl through tunnels. Toss round beanbags into round hoops, ride and push wheel toys

In-Class Parenting Education: Begins next week! We will start with the BLUE group.

Parent Board of Directors Meeting: Tuesday, September 19, 7-9pm at WTG. All parents welcome!


WEEK 3: RED AND YELLOW APPLES .   September 26-29

Art: Work on fine motor skills with fun apple themed art projects, including paint and gluing opportunities!

Sensory: Do you smell applesauce cooking in the blue room? Play with real apples & applesauce in the sensory table!

Imaginative: Take a picture and sing “Farmer’s Apple Tree” with our fun tree prop! Cook up some apple pie with our dramatic play set! Search for bugs in the green sand table.

Large Motor: Ride up and down the hall on our tractors, and swim through our pool of “apples.”

Fine Motor: Poke pegs into our green apple shape!

In-Class Parenting Education: The BLUE group will meet to begin our first topic of the year. All classes will discuss “Getting to Know WTG,” where we will get to know more about each other and how to get the most out of our time together!

Parenting Education: DADS (Parenting Partner) Roundtable, Thursday, September 28, 7-8:30pm, at WTG.


Dates to Remember

Evening Parenting Education:  DADS Roundtable, Thursday, Sept. 28, 7-8:30pm @ WTG Blue Room

Parent Board Meeting:  Tuesday, September 19th, 7:00pm at WTG.

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