Woodinville Toddler Group is a cooperative parenting education program where parents and their infants or toddlers can create, learn, and explore...together!


Woodinville Toddler Group is based on the philosophy that children learn best through play! We offer activities to use all senses, to problem-solve and learn through exploration.


Our program reinforces cognitive skills through the activities provided in our enriched environment (games to promote language and color recognition, counting when building with blocks, making predictions with science experiments, creativity in use of materials).


As a cooperative parenting education program, our goal is to build a community of support between parents and to provide an enriched environment where toddlers can engage in play and creativity with their peers.


WTG is Celebrating 31 Years!

Since 1988 families have been playing, learning, and exploring at Woodinville Toddler Group. 

Enrollment Open for 2019-2020

It’s that time of the year! We are now enrolling for the 2019-2020 school year. Please find the class schedule below. Detailed information on each class can be found on our Classes page.

2019-2020 Class Schedule

2019-2020 School Year
Class placement is based on your child's age as of 8/31/19
Toddler's Birthdate Class Day and Time Openings
6/30/18 to 12/31/18 Wobblers
(8-14 months)
Tue 11:30-1:30 Openings
8/31/17 to 8/31/18 12-24 months Tue 9:15-11:15 FULL - Waitlist Only
12-24 months Wed 9:15-11:15 FULL - Waitlist Only
2/28/17 to 8/31/18 12-30 months Mon 11:30-1:30 LIMITED SPACE
8/31/16 to 8/31/17 24-36 months Mon 9:15-11:15 FULL - Waitlist Only
24-36 months Thu 9:15-11:15 FULL - Waitlist Only
2/28/16 to 2/19/17 Little Learners
(30-42 months)
Wed 11:30-1:30 FULL - Waitlist Only

Detailed registration instructions can be viewed on the Registration page of the website or on the registration form. The online registration form is mobile-friendly.


News & Announcements


Fall Open House

Saturday, Sept 7th 2019 10-11am

Come take a look at what Woodinville Toddler Group has to offer! We will be hosting a Fall Open House to the public on Sept 7th. Teachers and volunteers will be available to answer any questions; and parents, caregivers and kids of all ages are welcome! There are currently openings in our Wobblers class so snatch up your spot quick. Registrations forms will be available on site. Location: 18900 168th Avenue NE


Engage Your 8-14 Month Old in our Wobblers Class
Tuesday's from 11:30-1:30

This class has openings now!

Wobblers is the only class offered at WTG for children as young as 8 months! Our classroom environment and weekly themed curriculum are tailored to meet the developmental needs of an 8-14 month old. Emphasis is placed on movement and motor development, language, and sensory activities. Start your child in a program that will grow with them throughout toddlerhood!

What Families are Saying About Wobblers

We love the Wobblers class! The age range is great because there are so many little (and big) milestones and there are kids at every age and stage of learning. It gives you a chance to see where other kids are at (developmentally-wise) and it’s also fun to watch the kids learn and grow over the course of the school year. I also enjoy getting the chance to talk to other parents with kids the same age - I’ve gotten great tips and advice and even foods/recipes to try with my little one that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise!
— Wobblers Parent
My daughter loves Wobblers as there is so much to see and do at her level. She always tries to do it and see it all! That also means she crashes as soon as we get back in the van—mom bonus! Just a stop at Starbucks on the way home and I get to enjoy what is usually the longest nap of the week!
— Wobblers Parent

Join the WTG family today!

Click the link below for more information on registration. 

Afternoon Classes: Are you concerned about naptime? 

Are you thinking about joining one of our afternoon classes but have concerns about how it will effect your toddler's nap? We find this question comes up in our 11:30-1:30pm classes. Read on for helpful strategies from other parents and how they find it totally doable for their families.

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