FAQs: Registration and Enrollment Policies

1. When can I expect to hear if I got into the class?

Enrollment confirmation will be done via email. Your registration will be processed within 2 business days of being submitted. You will receive a courtesy email from our volunteer registrar once it has been processed. When the registrar has received your LWTech form and reservation fee, you will receive a class confirmation email. All correspondence and class filing is done on a first come, first served basis. Please remember, the Registrar is a volunteer position on WTG’s Parent Board of Directors. 


2. Can I send my application in via email or online?

At this time WTG does not accept emailed applications. However, registration forms can be completed online at www.jovial.org/wtg/register. Once online forms are completed registrants will also need to download, print, and fill out the LWTech form. The LWTech form and reservation fees must be mailed within two weeks of the registration submission. If registering at an Open House all forms and reservation fees may be submitted in person.  


3. Can't I just deliver my LWTech form and reservation fee to the church?

No. WTG does not have an office at the church. Out of respect and safety concerns for our enrolled families, we cannot allow unannounced visitors on the premise during operational hours. WTG operates independently of the church, so please do not mail anything to the school location or use the church office for correspondence. All items should be mailed to our P.O. Box at 14241 Woodinville-Duvall Road #138, Woodinville, WA 98072.

4. How do I know if WTG is right for my family?  Can I stop by for a visit during school hours?

At WTG we pride ourselves on being an inclusive community and work hard at class chemistry - we encourage sharing and support among our families and offer opportunities for families to have fun and education together. Each class has activities geared for your child’s age group, and each child can participate in their own way. If you would like to see our program in person, the best way is to stop by one of our open houses (typically two are held in spring and one in late summer). Open houses allow your child the opportunity to explore our learning environment and give you an opportunity to learn about the program from one of our dedicated instructors. 

5. Where am I on the waitlist? How full is the waitlist?

All this information is kept private. Waitlist length and status can be constantly changing if the class roster changes or people from the waitlist drop their spots. When a spot becomes available in your desired class, you will be emailed. You will have 2 business days to accept the spot. After that, the registrar will contact the next family on the list. Reservation fees are not deposited until you agree to enroll.


6. Can I enroll in two classes instead of one?

The option to enroll in two classes is available to families who want to attend twice a week. For example, a family can enroll in both sections of the 12-24 months class. Only the teacher and peer group differ between the two class sections. The curriculum remains the same. The enrolled adult will be required to complete 14 parent education events per school year.


7. Can I register for one quarter? Do I have to wait until the next quarter begins to start the program?

WTG’s school year is from September to May. Our school year is divided into quarters due to our affiliation with LWTech, which operates on a quarterly schedule. New family enrollment is not done on a quarterly schedule. We welcome new families throughout the school year until the middle of March. While we understand that plans change, we recommend that families enroll with the intention of staying throughout the school year. A consistent and committed class builds the best community. 


8. Can my child’s caregiver attend class with them (instead of me)?

Yes. If a caregiver will be attending class with a toddler, the legal guardian is required to enroll with LWTech as well as the caregiver. Examples of a caregiver are: nanny, aunt/uncle, or grandparent. Because the legal guardian and caregiver are working as a team to care for the child, both are required to enroll to receive the greatest benefits from our parenting program.  Parents/caregivers may only bring children that are enrolled in WTG. 


9. When can I register for next year?

Priority registration begins in early February for current students and alumni. Open enrollment begins in late February and everyone may enroll at this time via mail. See the Registration Process page for specific dates.


10. Who will I receive information from?

Most emails you receive will come from our registrar. Please save registrar@woodinvilletoddlergroup.com to your contacts list to prevent important emails from becoming filed in your junk mail or spam folders.


FAQs: LWTech and Co-op Information

11. What are my cooperative responsibilities?

As a cooperative program, parents share in a rotation of class support tasks such as providing snack for their class once or twice per quarter, cleaning up the classroom and re-setting it for the next class. Each class (except for Wobblers) has four “reset” responsibilities that are completed by parents after circle. These are pre-assigned on a rotating basis: vacuum, washing, sweep and reset, and hall and bathroom. Detailed instructions are provided. In addition, parents are asked to sign up for one or two additional tasks outside of class. Examples include helping prepare materials for art projects, doing a load of laundry, making playdough, providing refreshments for an evening event, cleaning up the play yard, and helping to set up or tear down one of our fantastic family events when needed. The strength of our award winning program is credited to the collaborative efforts and talents of our families, our Board, Support Team, and Instructors.

Still have questions? More information can be found in the Family Requirements & Agreements section on the Registration page of our website.


12. Do I stay with my child during class?  

As a parent cooperative program, a parent is required to attend class with their child. Our classes allow you to spend time with your child in a playful learning environment. Every other week, parents gather for parent education, which offers the opportunity to problem solve parenting concerns with other parents and a highly-qualified early childhood educator, as well as learn about a variety of parenting and child development topics. Though we encourage children to gain independence by staying in the play areas, they are always more than welcome to join their caregiver in the parent education room. 


13. Why do I have to register with LWTech?  What are the requirements for earning credit?

Co-op preschools with a parent education program are typically sponsored by their local community college. The classroom teachers are hired and paid a salary by the college. In our program, you would become a student of Lake Washington Technical College (LWTech). Each quarter you earn a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory grade and 2 credits, for a total of 6 credits at the end of the year. You earn your grade by participating in parent education during your WTG class time, and by attending evening events.  We offer 20 different evening event options for the school year. Several include toddlers and siblings. The enrolled adult does not have to be the one to attend the evening events; a family representative may attend either an adult only event or a family event and the enrolled adult will still have their attendance requirement satisfied. Make-up options are also available, as needed.

Many families are excited to earn these because they can use them as continuing education credits for a job (for example, moms who were teachers can use them to keep their Professional Teaching Certificate up to date).  Plus, as a student with LWTech, you also become a "college student" and get to reap the benefits of the many discounts you can get for this.

Still have questions? More information about Parent Evening Event Requirements can be found in the Family Requirements & Agreements section on the Registration page of our website.


14. What are the parent education events? How many do I have to go to? Can I bring my kids?

The parent education evenings provide valuable information related to your infant or toddler's world. They are an integral part of the LWTech program and one parent from each family is required to attend. Parents must attend a minimum of three events per quarter. For the benefit of the speakers and other families attending, please leave your children at home with another parent, guardian or sitter, unless otherwise noted.   


FAQs: General

15. What happens during class?

While each class is geared toward individual age groups, all classes follow the same general schedule.  Please see Our Class Schedule Page for a description of a typical day.


16. Is the program year round?

We generally follow the Northshore School District calendar. Classes are held September to May. Once enrolled, please see the calendar page for specific dates.


17. I called/emailed earlier this week but still haven't had a response from anyone. Is someone going to contact me?

WTG’s staff is made up of two paid instructors and the WTG Parent Board of Directors (parent volunteers). This includes the president, registrar, treasurer, secretary, webmaster, and event planner.  Our volunteer staff are parents like you, whose toddlers attend WTG. These volunteers make an effort to check their email multiple times a week, but certain circumstances such as family emergencies or vacations can delay the process. WTG apologizes for any inconvenience; someone will contact you as soon as they can.


18. Does the WTG offer tuition breaks?

The WTG Parent Board of Directors strive to make our program accessible to all families. If you feel tuition will be a hardship for your family, please mark, “Yes, I would like to apply for financial assistance from the WTG Fee Waiver Fund.” on the registration form. You can request tuition assistance at any time during the school year.  A limited number of fee waivers are available and are considered on a first come, first served basis. 


19. Is WTG religiously based?

No, and we are not affiliated with the church in which we meet. WTG is committed to providing equal opportunity and non-discrimination to students without regard to race or ethnicity, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age, religion, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or veteran status.


20. I cannot make it to class this week, but I still want my child to come. Can I send them with a different adult?

Yes. Adult visitors are always welcome to attend with your child. Please remember, child visitors are not permitted due to insurance reasons.


Couldn't find the information you needed? Please contact our friendly registrar.

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