Enrollment Policies

At WTG, we learn, play, and create together. The following policies have been established to ensure a positive and successful environment for each family. If you do not see a category that fits your family’s needs, please contact our registrar for assistance.

Single Toddler

One adult and one toddler are enrolling.  (All Wobblers are considered “toddlers.”)


Two adults (2 parents or 1 parent and 1 caregiver) are enrolling and bringing two toddlers.  Only one adult is required to attend each class. 

Toddler + Infant

Two adults (2 parents or 1 parent and 1 caregiver) are enrolling and bringing one toddler + one infant (child under 12 months of age as of August 31, 2019) to class. Families must pay the Toddler + Infant tuition if they would like to hold a “+infant” spot. Only one adult is required to attend each class.


Toddler + Expected Infant

Families are welcome to bring newborn infants to class, free of charge, until the infant is 12 weeks old. After 12 weeks, the family needs to: A) find alternate care for the infant, B) register a second adult to attend with the toddler while the parent and infant stay home, C) or register for a +infant spot. Families must pay the Toddler + Infant tuition if they would like to hold a “+infant” spot regardless of when the infant starts attending.

Toddler Attending with a Caregiver

If a caregiver will be attending class with a toddler, the legal guardian is required to enroll with LWTech as well as the caregiver. Examples of a caregiver are: nanny, aunt/uncle, or grandparent. Because the legal guardian and caregiver are working as a team to care for the child, both are required to enroll to receive the greatest benefits from our parenting program.


Enrollment in Two Classes

The option to enroll in two classes is available to families who want to attend twice a week. For example, a family can enroll in both sections of the 12-24 months class. Only the teacher and peer group differ between the two class sections. The curriculum remains the same. The enrolled adult will be required to complete 14 parent education events per school year.


Additional information:

  • Siblings are encouraged to enroll in age-appropriate classes. Curriculum is designed for the class age range.

  • Parents/caregivers may only bring children that are enrolled in WTG. Because of insurance and safety reasons, we cannot allow child visitors. Adult visitors are always welcome!

After priority registration for current families, registration forms are always processed in the order they are received. Because there are only three Toddler+Infant spots and two Sibling/Twin spots per class, your enrollment type may affect your class placement.

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